Our Teachers

Training on the wooden dummy at Ip Man's House (Memorial) in Foshan

Bjorn Wise

Sifu (Head Teacher and Founder)

I started my martial arts journey at the age of 5 training in the Tang Soo Do style and became the youngest black belt in the style in Australia at the time. I attained my 1st Dan by the age of 11. Back in those days kids trained with the adults, there were no kids only classes. Classes were very strict and learning martial arts wasn’t just a way to kill time.

I walked into my first Wing Chun kung fu class at the International Wing Chun Academy, Morphett Vale branch in 2012. I was extremely impressed with Wing Chun’s simplicity, directness and effectiveness, I joined up straight away.

I continued to train at the IWCA at both Morphett Vale and Adelaide schools for many years. In 2013 the SA IWCA branches were shut down,  Head Instructor Sifu Geoff Stephenson wanted the Morphett Vale branch to continue so Southern Wing Chun was born.

Some time passed and in 2018 Southern Wing Chun was handed over to myself and best mate Sifu Kenny Weston.

With 4 years of teaching at Southern Wing Chun a new path had formed in my mind after seeing and hearing stories about many McDojo style martial arts clubs not teaching real, traditional martial arts to kids and taking on the shape of childcare with a sprinkling of martial arts. After an extremely hard decision I stepped down at SWC and the Australian Wing Chun Academy has now become a reality where real, traditional Wing Chun kung fu is taught.

I continue to train in Adelaide with Dai Sihing Albert Chong when I can with our Wing Chun family.

After a few visits to Hong Kong over the years I’d love to get back there to train again at the various schools we visited including Sigung Chu Shong Tin’s school, the champions at Mindful Wing Chun, Sisuk Ma’s school and the Rooftop legends also.