Learn Street Smart
Self Defence
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Wing Chun is a simple & direct traditional kung fu that anyone can learn.

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Why Train with the
Australian Wing Chun Academy?

Wing Chun is a Chinese Kung Fu that has been taught to police forces, government departments and many corporate businesses in Australia and around the world…

This is because it teaches self defence designed specifically for real world situations.

Wing Chun is a practical and extremely direct martial arts system that is not based on brute strength or physical size.

Anyone can learn Wing Chun

People of all shapes and sizes can train, no matter what age.

Get fit and sweat it out or take your time, relax and develop the internal side of the art.

Street Smart Self Defence

You will practice realistic techniques that work in real situations, giving you the confidence to protect yourself when it really counts.

Our Wing Chun Lineage

Our lineage of Wing Chun has an internal focus which attracts many new and older students.

Concentrating on your own body you will improve your posture, relax your muscles and joints to utilise your body and mind’s natural power.

Little Dragons

Kids aged 5 - 11 Years. Your child will be active developing co-ordination, concentration, fitness and real self-defence while in a fun and safe environment.

Young Lions

Teens aged 12 - 17. Real world self-defence oriented training building a mature confidence and fitness.

Adult Classes

Adults aged 18 and above. Street smart self-defence and fitness. Internal kung fu is introduced with a foundation of relaxation and strength of mind.

What Students and Parents say about the AWCA

Bjorn creates a safe and inclusive space for both kids and adults to learn this martial art. He goes at a good pace and has much knowledge and expertise while being relaxed and easy going. I highly recommend him and AWCA.

Primary School Teacher

I have been doing Wing Chun for a few months now and I am learning heaps and feel much more confident. Bjorn is funny and a great teacher.

Age 11

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The Australian Wing Chun Academy is the number one location for

traditional, self defence driven wing chun kung fu.

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