Chum Kiu Seeking the Bridge
Wing Chun's Second Form

Chum Kiu “Seeking the Bridge”  is Wing Chun’s second form. Concentrating on movement and multi-vector force, of course still following the foundation principals of relaxation and centreline theory.

My intension for this video is for students to get an idea of the moves so they can learn and follow along in class and at home.

My Chum Kiu is most certainly a work in progress, something I’m always practicing and trying to get better at. Similarly to Siu Nim Tau, your perspective will no doubt change the more you practice Chum Kiu.

First start learning the form copying the moves. Start to feel your body mass syncronise and move as one, think about the different rotations that go into the positions, you are now moving these positions in a 3 dimensional space not just in straight lines.

Thanks for watching.
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