Siu Nim Tau (Sil Lim Tao)
Wing Chun's First Form

Siu Nim Tau (Sil Lim Tao) “Little Idea” is Wing Chun’s first form and foundation of the entire system. Concentrating on posture, relaxation, centreline theory and arm positions eventually helping us achieve the Nim Tau state.

My intension for this video is for new students to get an idea of the moves so they can learn and follow along in class and at home.

My Siu Nim Tau is far from being perfect, even after filming I watched back and thought, oh I really need to work on this and that. Siu Nim Tau practice should be never ending in your training, always improving and tweaking bit by bit. Your perspective of the form will change the more you practice.

First start learning the form copying the moves. Develop thought behind the arm positions while consciously performing the moves and then let your mind guide the moves not your muscles.

Thanks for watching.
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